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Render your e-waste, excess inventory and overstock useless and unrecognizable. There are no underlying environmental or product liability issues to worry about. We even put it in writing with an "insurance certificate" and "certificates of destruction"! Contact us for details and a consultation.

We've been providing destruction and asset recovery services with certificates for over 30 years. We can provide you with a certificate that exceeds your policy requirements.

Certification of Destruction | Attention to Details

All Asset Recovery has customers that generate materials, which do not produce re-marketable commodities. This material still needs to go through a process of destruction and recycling for the purpose of size reduction, non-recognition and smelting. This material also cannot go directly into a waste stream, or be reintroduced back into the market place as a usable commodity for the following obvious reasons.

Manufacturers do not want lower revision product competing with their top-of-the-line product in an open market, nor do they want inferior product circulating on the open marketplace damaging a hard earned reputation within their respected industries. They also do not want to participate in a superfund clean up of a contaminated landfill at any time in the future, due to the improper disposal of their finished goods. For these reasons, we established our Finished Goods Shredding Services and Metal Recycling Services.

We have shredded, rendered useless, and made unrecognizable materials ranging in size from a computer system to an automobile. The shredded material goes directly to our ferrous / non-ferrous metals recycler for the process of separation and recycling. All nonmagnetic material such as aluminum, copper, rubber, plastic and fiberglass are also separated and directed into their proper recycling or waste streams. All Asset Recovery provides certified destruction on a charge only basis. This service is billed by the pound.

All Asset Recovery has processed in the past and is currently processing material's such as; networking equipment, computers, monitors, parts for the automotive industry, mainframe systems, appliances, consumer electronics, guitars, speaker systems, material's for the airline industry, home audio equipment, piano's and proprietary IC's for the electronics industry to name a few. Regardless of the product, you need destroyed, All Asset Recovery can handle it.

The bottom line is that once material is processed through our shredding services it is definitely rendered useless and unrecognizable. And you, the vendor have no underlying environmental or product liability issues to worry about. We even put it in writing with an "insurance certificate" and "certificates of destruction"!

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Free Consultations

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