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Recycle excess & recover assets while securing your sensitive information. We meet all federal standards for securing your brand.

Secure Your Brand for "Peace of Mind"

Protection of our customer’s brand name is paramount, not only to our customer, but to All Asset Recovery. All companies who manufacture and sell products into the consumer channel are going to receive a certain percentage of products back as returned goods and/or experience manufacturing rejects. Our priority at All Asset Recovery is to ensure that the proprietary information and designs contained within these products are destroyed and recycled in the most effective way possible. Without compromising your securityor environmental interests! We accomplish this through an aggressive protection plan that ensures the security of your material from the moment it arrives in our facility.

Upon receipt of material into our facility, a lot number/reference number is issued for this particular lot of material. This number is used for tracking purposes while the material is in our facility, and the material will move through our process as a lot, without separation.

If anything out of the ordinary is noted in regards to this lot, the customer is contacted immediately and the process of destruction or recycling will be put on hold until final resolution of the problem is reached.

All information regarding this lot is input into our information system and the tracking process begins. All Asset Recovery has developed its own proprietary customized software with regards to the tracking process used in our recycling and destruction operations. We provide accurate, real time tracking of your material the entire time it is in our facility. If you have any questions at all as to what stage of the process your material is in, all you need to do is call your All Asset Recovery representative and an answer will be provided within minutes.

Each procedure performed in our facilities, with regards to the processing of a shipment of electronic scrap for destruction or recycling, is audited in full detail.

"Peace of mind" is a consideration we take seriously at All Asset Recovery. To meet the most sensitive and rigid requirements of our clientele, All Asset Recovery has implemented the most vigilant security measures available in the industry.

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